• The Arizona Daily Star endorsed my candidacy on October 7. See this blog post for more information and a link to their page, which includes a video of me and Mr Christy interviewed by the Star’s editorial board for the endorsement.
  • Arizona Public Media published a District 4 Candidate Guide comparing our responses to their questions.
  • The Arizona Daily Star published this comparative profile on October 10.
  • The Green Valley News published this profile on October 18.
  • The Democrats of Greater Tucson published this report about the LWV debate (see debate video below).
  • The League of Women Voters hosted a debate on September 26. Here’s the video:

  • I had a conversation with Trace Gallagher, of Pima County Young Democrats, for the series “Between Two Saguaros” from the Pima County Democratic Party. (If the embedded video doesn’t play, click this link.)

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