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Steve Diamond files nominating petitions for Pima County Supervisor

TUCSON, Ariz., March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Steve Diamond, a Democrat, has filed nominating petitions to run for Pima County (Arizona) Supervisor, District 4. Diamond is the first Democrat since 1996 to run in District 4, where voter demographics have shifted significantly away from Republicans in recent years. This shift mirrors all of Arizona, a vital swing state for Democrats to claim the presidency and the Senate in 2020.

Steve Diamond

Steve Diamond

Diamond filed more than three times the minimum required number of nominating signatures. He said, “I’ve gotten substantial support from area Democratic clubs and organizations in this phase of the campaign. They tell me this is the year we can flip the seat.”

Said Alison Jones, Chair of the County Party, “Pima County Democratic Party is delighted to have Steve Diamond running for Supervisor in District 4–our first candidate to run in this district in 24 years. As Supervisor in District 4, Steve will be the voice for families, labor, and responsible governance that has been lacking in this district for too long. He is on the right side of the issues, and will be a tireless advocate for local business, criminal justice reform, and a just and humane immigration policy.”

Other issues important to Diamond are protecting the water supply for future generations, repairing the roads, investing in the local community, and early childhood education. He strongly opposes the proposed Rosemont Mine, saying “Rosemont would be an environmental disaster. It would pollute our water, foul our air, and destroy sensitive habitats. Any economic benefit would last, at most, 15 years, while the damage would last for centuries.”

The incumbent Republican Supervisor ran in 2016 on a single issue: repairing the roads. His scheme to raise money for road repair was later deemed illegal by the Pima County Attorney’s office. It was never enacted. Unlike Diamond, the incumbent supports the Rosemont Mine.

Located in southern Arizona, Pima County includes the City of Tucson (metro area population one million) and shares 130 miles of border with Mexico. Republicans have held Supervisor District 4 since its creation in 1972. Diamond bases his hopes on changing demographics, which have seen the Republican voter registration advantage shrink from 7.4% to 5.4% in the past four months alone. At that rate, he notes, it will be a tossup by Election Day.

A grandson of immigrants, Diamond was born in New York City and has lived in Tucson for 50 years. He says, “I’m running on values, not ideology. My highest principles are honesty, integrity, equity, justice, inclusiveness.” He earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Arizona in 1976 and worked in corporate information technology for 35 years, including Chief Information Officer positions. A member of the National Writers Union, he is co-founder of the Pima County Democrats Labor Caucus.


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