Meet the Candidate: Steve Diamond (Arizona)

Meet the Candidate: Steve Diamond (Arizona)

My campaign was covered by DemCastUSA in a series of interview Q & As.


How do we fix the partisan divide in our country and start working together again?
We must emphasize our common humanity and common interests. For example, college-educated professionals are slow to realize that they have much more in common with industrial and clerical workers than they do with the 1%. Both groups have to work for a living. The 1% generally live on investment income. When this commonality remains unseen, we end up with the current “elites” vs “deplorables” scenario. It’s a false enmity nurtured by the 1% to further their own interests. With education and mutual respect we can dissipate the smoke-screen.

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Running for Office in a Red District, Purple State

Running for Office in a Red District, Purple State

Steve Diamond after filing campaign committee papers

My Campaign Diary introduction was published on Daily Kos!

“My name is Steve Diamond and I’m running for County Supervisor” are words I never imagined hearing myself utter — not until a few months ago, anyway. I’ve thought of myself as an activist, an organizer, a gadfly, a citizen lobbyist. But until recently I’d never entertained the idea of being a politician. Until recently…

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Let's secure a strong, unified Board of Supervisors in Pima County.

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