Steve Diamond is the better choice to represent this large district.

Steve Diamond strikes us as a common-sense candidate who supports sustainability and science, but is mindful of businesses’ contributions and won’t be a rubber stamp for the Pima County administration.

Arizona Daily Star, October 7, 2020

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Steve Diamond
Steve Diamond

I’m Steve Diamond and I’m running for County Supervisor because I care deeply about the future of Pima County, where I’ve lived for almost 50 years. I want to contribute my expertise, my core values, and my passion for excellence in government. I also care deeply about our nation’s future, and I believe that strong local communities where we care for each other and uplift each other are our best hope for ensuring that future.

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For the first time in 24 years, Pima County District 4 voters have a real choice. It’s a choice between conservative Trumpian ideologies and democratic values. It’s a choice between pollution and preservation. It’s a choice between outmoded, privileged attitudes and recognizing that our sick, unequal society needs fixing now. What will you choose?

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Elect Steve Diamond

I approach politics based on principles and values. My highest principles are honesty, integrity, equity, justice, inclusiveness, and transparency. I represent a much-needed new road to Pima County’s future. I will work for you toward a better Pima County by concentrating on issues that matter, such as:

  • Environment (clean air and water)
  • Infrastructure (safe roads and bridges)
  • Economic development without tax giveaways
  • Fair housing (affordable, with robust protections for tenants)
  • Equal Rights under the Law, Equity and Justice for All
  • Workers’ rights and union rights
  • Humane treatment of refugees and immigrants
  • Reproductive health, rights, and justice
  • Water conservation and reclamation
  • Equity in education
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Strong, unified county government

See my Issues page for details.

Let's secure a strong, unified Board of Supervisors in Pima County.

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